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It is also the sixth season to be located in California.

San Francisco, California was first reported as the location for the twenty-ninth season in an August 2013 article on the website Vevmo.

Had she stayed, production had an ex of hers that would have moved in as well.The additional roommates were known as The Exes, people who the originals had previously dated.In episode 5, Arielle is one of the only ones happy about her ex being in the house, but has a brief argument with her ex-girlfriend Ashley when she expresses a dislike of Arielle falsely thinking she needs to conform to Ashley's preferences of clothing in a partner.During shooting, the cast lived at 1244 Sutter Street between Polk Street and Van Ness Avenue, the former location of the Avalon Ballroom.This was the first season of Real World to feature twelve cast members consisting of seven original roommates and five additional roommates.

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