Youre dating other guys lyrics

It sounds like a woman is confessing her love, but it is actually about a married woman falling in love with a married man.The good news is that nothing comes from this secret love.In it, Katy Perry talks about how much she misses an ex while she has moved on to someone else.Like most of us, she sees the relationship through rose-tinted lenses because she remembers the good, but not the bad.Best Lyrics:“If she’d give me one good reason I’d be gone But she ain’t done one thing wrong So don’t expect me just to walk out of the door I still love her, but I love you more.”4.

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Be My Downfall by Del Amitri At home, a sweet girlfriend is patiently waiting.

Secret Love Song by Little Mix and Featuring Jason Derulo This song by Little Mix and Jason Derulo is all about a set of lovers who happen to be in relationships with other people.

It is all about wanting someone else while in a relationship and having to hide that love because their partners may discover it.

Even though you know that you should move past your ex and have a better life, a part of you still wishes that you could be together.

Best Lyrics:“Even now when I have come so far I wonder where you are I wonder why it’s still so hard without you Even now when I come shining through I swear I think of you And how I wish you knew Even now.”9.

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