Yosef refaeli dating

A rep from La Face Records would take us to dinner and had fake roaches and fake ants.There’s nothing wrong with that look, but it wasn’t what we felt comfortable in.

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" Because we looked like babies, but we were grown.

I think she came to rehearsals, I met her and went back to her office to meet the girls, and it was so funny, because Tionne was not friendly at all, and Lisa was.

I didn’t take it personal: I hugged Tionne, I hugged Lisa and started singing.

Tionne was the same way -- her mom was really strong.

And a lot of the things Lisa experienced -- she talked about her parents, her dad was abusive and so you can look at things like that and it will certainly affect you, but you make a choice and say, "Hey, I’m not gonna be that.

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