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So, sending someone a first message that’s not generic is not only smart, it’s necessary if you want to get noticed.Saying, “Hey”, “hi”, or “sup” will not get you very far.Understanding what went wrong will help you let go and heal.Even if you do get back together something will have to change or you will just breakup again.Use this painful time to become the best version of yourself, so your next relationship will be your best yet — either with your ex, or someone better for you."@Donna Barnes You should be getting far more views on You Tube.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to wear a purple top hat or a micro mini dress.” We all have fun and great things that have happened to us, but most people never ask about them! Adjusting these few things can have a huge, and sometimes, lifelong effect! I’ve been teaching it and involved in it for the past 10 years.As we all age, our fun usually takes on a more measured tone. The goal of dating is not necessarily to get more dates or to get more women. Instead, tell about a fun event you were at with friends.It’s to turn yourself into the type of person that is so interesting and dynamic that it draws women to you. Now don’t write to overdone, “I love my friends and could never live without them! “This year’s highlight was the Travis Tritt concert with my old high school buddies!

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