Whores ready for sex in zambia

The District has been identified as a key geographical priority area by the National AIDS Council (National AIDS Council, 2000).

According to the National AIDS Council (2004), Luapula Province has an HIV prevalence rate of 11%.

In June 2000, the National AIDS Council estimated that 830,000 Zambians over the age of 15 were living with HIV and AIDS.

This study investigated sexual practices in two communities of Mansa District in Zambia.Women’s risk is known to be compounded by a plurality of socio-economic and cultural practices both modern and customary.For example, the kinds of polygyny and multi-partner sex which were in the past partly by-products of late marriage and long period of sexual abstinence of wives between births may put couples at risk of contracting HIV, as sexual networks become geographically far flung, reaching distant centers of infection (Caldwell and Caldwell, 1993).Mansa is also the provincial headquarters of Luapula Province, and is therefore a melting point for all other districts.This has made it a fast – growing town as people from other districts come into the district for various activities including trading and prostitution.

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