Who is zoe saldana dating now

Di Caprio is a notorious playboy and basically uses Victoria's Secret catalogs as his own private personals column, so his bromance with Cooper may be coloring the lens with which he looks at his own love life.

Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana, who play a couple on-screen in the upcoming movie “The Words,” appear to be together off-screen too.

In an impromptu, yet sweet, moment, the actress took the stage.

The Puerto Rican and Cuban actress looked at the politician and sang, “I love you, te amo.” Rosario’s new relationship comes after she ended thing with comedian Eric Andre in 2017.

I don't want to be the one going, 'I'm cool, because I'm friends with all my exes.' There's a reason why you're called an ex…You cross a line, you need to know that you're going to walk this earth knowing that there's an individual who has no respect for you." Other than Cooper and her husband, Marco Perego, Saldana's only had one other relationship that we know about—for 11 years, before she was famous.

), she calls out a past love that many believe is Cooper.

Cory, who has never been married, has been previously linked to Cleo Wade and Chanda Gibson.

Zoe Saldana was born on June 19, 1978 in Passaic, New Jersey, to Asalia Nazario and Aridio Saldaña.

But she just didn't click with Zoe, found her a little difficult to get to know, and it seemed like Zoe was perhaps a little intimidated by her.“They were flirting and talking by the DJ booth,” a source shared.In late December, sources claimed that Saldana and Cooper were indeed a couple and were just beginning to tell pals about their relationship status. Saldana and Cooper were first spotted together in November, “acting like two high school kids going steady” at a Manhattan club, according to a witness.Her father was Dominican and her mother is Puerto Rican. When she was 10 years old, she and her family moved to the Dominican Republic, where they would live for the next seven years. Bradley Cooper is handsome, rich, and super-successful. In fact, he might be one of the worst men to date in Hollywood. , "I have been in relationships where a man has disrespected me, and I don't need to be friends with that man anymore.

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