Who is matt dillon dating

He's been smart, wishes to remain a working actor and takes all kinds of parts, though none are desperation jobs. Although, something in the way she said it made me think he was just okay. If he wanted to keep working, he should have initiated roles with a passion, it's the only way to keep working past the 30s.

He's probably the typical actor who just relied on others to call him instead of having an agenda.

[quote]I believe he's still running The Ponderosa with Miss Kitty. We don't say nuthin' cuz it gets awful lonely 'round these here parts what without no lady folks to keep us comp'was allegedly thrown out of a bar for stealing eons ago (gotta be at least 2 decades ago). And a complete lush.[quote] The younger the better. I've known a few straight panty creamers who date only young girls. His manager only represented Matt and Vinny Spano (yes, they were friends).

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He never went to college yet he took the time to educate himself on a wide range of topics. i'm too lazy to google but i remember he liked jazz and collects vinyls, 45s or 8 tracks or whatever those relics are called..i wouldn't put it past him to "steal" allegedly, lots of actors "research" their roles...i think Keanu Reeves was caught scalping tickets outside of a stadium once but was let go. It's a free world :)Exactly how would R45 KNOW for sure the guy is straight? I just read on the Glee thread that Criss posted a Face Book message talking about how much his life has changed since getting cast on the show. Sean Young looked a eecade older than him and awful with the bleached hair.I saw him at the Formosa Cafe in Hollywood one night.I remember he was wearing a grey V-necked sweater...i THINK with no shirt on underneath it. I had a huge crush on him, so I wish I'd been more relaxed and dared to look at him again (didn't want to seem to be gawking)Matt Dillon steps out with girlfriend Roberta Mastromichele Matt Dillon was putting on a cosy display with girlfriend of four years Roberta Mastromichele on Thursday, as they enjoyed a romantic outing together in Rome.We went to my place and went at it for a couple of hours.He was getting very relaxed afterwards and started to go to sleep.

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