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doing so at the age of fifteen – the earliest age permitted at the time – having gained four GCE O levels and on the back of a major row with the school Deputy Head Miss Nicholson about his musical ambitions, about which she was wholly scathing. anyone who could get a gig together, really." and singer Red E. He was spotted one night by John Gibb of Brian Howard & the Silhouettes, who asked him to help record some singles for Columbia Graphophone Company, including "The Worrying Kind".

He took the tapes to Switzerland and someone found out about them.

Several early tracks were compiled on the twin album release, Jimmy Page: Session Man.

He also recorded with Richards on guitar and vocals in Olympic Sound Studios on 15 October 1974.

Over the years since 1970, Page played lead guitar on 10 Roy Harper tracks, comprising 81 minutes of music.

When questioned about which songs he played on, especially ones where there exists some controversy as to what his exact role was, Page often points out that it is hard to remember exactly what he did given the enormous number of sessions he was playing at the time.

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