Who is hunter hayes dating now

In 2017, Hayes even opened about his relationship, stating that his heart was happy and has no intention of rushing into a proposal.

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“Wanted” was my way of saying, we’re friends and have a great foundation, and this could be something really special. We were actually just laughing about it last night.17: What about "Heartbreak"? If you’re going to be somebody’s heartbreak, be mine.

The song was everything I wanted to say to her, but I chickened out and didn’t play it for her for the longest time! Basically what I was thinking was, I get that this relationship probably won’t work and it’s a bit lofty of me to dream about you and I being together. You both had a learning experience and it was hard, and for some people it’s harder than others—I get that. I don’t know if I have a type, but I really like girls who are driven.

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We can’t wait to see what the future holds for these two!

Hunter was in a relationship with Libby Barnes for nearly four years.

Hunter signed with Hunter has made big money from the revenue collected from the album sales.The Way to Tell Whether a Man is in Love Hunter’s love life is occurring as his lives. The few who maintained the relation at the days under wraps left everybody and came together in 2014 CMA Awards.The love birds do not demonstrate a hint of becoming apart and look serious about the connection . Hunter Hayes: “Wanted” is about a girl I was friends with, but at the time it was teetering on the edge of something more.I wanted to show her that I really cared about her. It was my attempt to twist the saying “be mine” into something almost borderline depressing.

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