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He seems to think he's adorably funny, constantly snarks and then looks directly into the camera, he dresses like a Jersey mafia boss and does this weird thing where he bares his teeth when trying to smile.If you've seen him, you know what I'm talking about. He also speaks in a rapid-fire way, like an auctioneer.Dana and Bill decided to call it quits on their 19 year marriage and are going through a difficult divorce. The couple were both arrested and now face third-degree assault and disorderly conduct charges following an argument in their Greenwich, Conn., home, according to police sources.The 48-year-old mother of four decided to turn herself in on Friday and filed for divorce following her attorney’s advice after the brawl she and waterman Bill starred in.Although Ken holds the serious job on ABC as an anchor, he does love to let loose once in a while. In the video, he shared the delicious ham and cheese tart recipe for the holiday special. He's on in the mornings here in New York, he dresses and acts like a sketchy used car salesman.When Steve Bartelstein left the Eye Witness News, there was a vacancy that came up.

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But this sounds as one of those stories where the more success you get in your professional career the worst your personal life turns out!Dana was released but she would have to appear in court. Ken Rosato also presented a small video montage as a tribute to Lori Stokes.Dana was 29-years-old when she got married and she worked as an associate in corporate finance in the commercial banking division of Citybank in New York in March, 1994. graduated from Mississippi State University and from Jackson State University.Her father was the chairman and chief executive of the GTE Corporation, the telecommunications company based in Stamford, Conn. His father now retired, was a Methodist minister in Meridian.

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