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In addition, CM Punk almost blatantly said that AJ Lee’s UFC career is a real possibility.

Even as AJ Lee retires, Ronda Rousey has yet to make any sort of public comment, either through the media or her own Twitter account.

If AJ Lee quit in order to start a family, it would fulfill a longstanding rumor.

Way, way before CM Punk and AJ Lee even started their honeymoon in Hawaii, it was rumored that she was pregnant, but obviously that idea was false since even her WWE character is not crazy enough to wrestle while carrying a baby.

In addition, speculation about AJ Lee’s return has already started among fans.

When the WWE announced AJ Lee’s retirement they phrased it this way.

While that is a very big leap in logic to say Bayley is giving hints about a secret pregnancy, on Instagram she made it even more blunt by writing, “We’re expecting…

As noted, AJ Mendez Brooks, formerly known as AJ Lee, was a guest on Siruis XM's Jim Norton and Sam Roberts Show to promote the former WWE Superstar's new book, Crazy Is My Superpower. "Yeah, it runs in my family, bipolar disorder does, depression does. "We were really good friends for a long time before we ever dated, so he knew. It would have been great I didn't tell him, and we got married and I'm like, 'ha! '" AJ divulged that Punk does a great job of trying to cheer her up during her depressive cycles and even flew in one of her best friends to help cheer her up.

Fans should start an AJ Lee chant that deafens the entire area.

After all, even CM Punk stated that he has been irked in the past by the CM Punk chant that still haunts the ring.“It’s not easy seeing and hearing…

In 2014, this lack of solid info led many in the media to call AJ Lee pregnant, and some even went so far as to scrutinize photos to see if AJ Lee’s baby bump was showing.

After all, nothing revs the celebrity gossip machine more than having children.

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