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"Youth," dedicated to "White Nationalist issues among teens," was a natural place to try to figure out how the old ideas of white supremacy are being translated to a new generation — to Roof's generation.

While federal authorities have disclosed that Roof was in contact with white supremacists online, he doesn't seem to have left behind much writing on the web besides his now-infamous 2,500-word manifesto.

And then I had to have a 14-line chat with the gatekeeper to the group, a guy who calls himself "Pa." It went exactly like this: Me: Hey- can I join the sf [Stormfront] group? They also discuss selfie sticks, steel beams, and rare Pepes. I learned of White Pride World Wide (WPWW) through a thread in the "Youth" subsection of Stormfront, the internet's leading white nationalist forum.

In the aftermath of last month's massacre at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, dozens of reporters — including myself — swarmed the white supremacist web in an attempt to track terrorist Dylann Roof's ideological roots.

On the other hand, the Kik group is optimized, instantaneous, integrated. This is white supremacism that looks like today's social internet — comprising many forms of media and users from around the world, weirdly irreverent, continuous.

As one poster, who said he is an 18-year-old living in Stockholm, told me, "We use it because we are able to communicate across borders and timezones, instantly without the delay of a forum or website."This shouldn't come as a surprise.

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In the two weeks I observed the chat I found members from the U.

While the basic messages of white supremacy remain constant, the media by which they are delivered change with technology.

From fabricated "firsthand" pamphlets (The Protocols of the Elders of Zion), to mass market paperbacks (The Turner Diaries), white supremacist messages migrated to ham radio, entered the digital era on bulletin board systems like the Liberty Bell Net, skipped over to Usenet groups and then made the jump to the World Wide Web on sites like Stormfront. And an instant delivery messaging app, one that is likely valued at billions of dollars, at that.

Though a handful of posters preemptively mourned the Confederate flag, good old-fashioned American racism was relatively rare, perhaps because there were so few posters with whom it would resonate.

Yes, there were the requisite repugnant jokes about the intelligence of African-Americans and the work habits of Mexican-Americans, and yes, there were the requisite conspiracy theories about Jewish dominance of finance and the media.

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