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This year we will be working to best serve all the language communities by providing messages that are best suited for each location. We are testing messages and we want to be sure that our messages will work with your language.

If it does not and your community can come up with your own banner in the spirit of supporting free knowledge, we invite you to submit your proposals and be active in this process.

The meta translators are already actively engaged in the annual drive to distribute our messages and we encourage you to do the same, but we would like to point everyone to the developments we've made in banner messages- from creation to commentary to the ones that will go live for test and for the drive itself in November.

It's one of our goals to make sure that all volunteers know that there is a place for them in the Fundraising drive.

The staff working on this is comprised of long-time Wikimedians with as much care and concern for the success of this drive as the volunteers, and we want you to actively participate and have a voice.

Use the talk pages on meta, talk to your local communities, talk to others, talk to us.

Sólo faltará que les añadamos contenido después ;) Saludos.

--Diego Grez (UTC) Hot Cat (Wikipedia: Hot Cat) es una extensión Java Script para añadir fácilmente categorías a artículos y otras páginas del Wiki.

Please translate this message into your language if you can and post it below. Keegan, WMF Fundraiser 2010 6 llmp 2010 (UTC) Greetings, please translate this message if you can.The Fundraising Committee is issuing all interested community members a challenge: we want you to beat Jimmy.The appeal from Jimmy Wales and the corresponding banner have been tested head-to-head with other successful banners, and the results are clear: it's our best performing message... This year we have a lofty fundraising goal; we need all of our banners to bring in donations like the Jimmy Appeal, but no one wants to keep the Jimmy banner up for two months.Puedes activarlo añadiendo el siguiente código en tu y tu vector.js: I am requesting the change of my nickname at Meta Wiki.I have four years on Wikipedia (more than 3 years on the Aymar Wikipedia), this old nick Kanon6917 is in disuse in other personal accounts since now my email is [email protected]

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