Vtp client not updating

For information on Token Ring or FDDI VLANs, refer to lan/cat5000/rel_6_3/config/

In this example, the switches Access_1 and Distribution_1 are going to be configured with VLANs 5, 8, and 10 with the names Cameron, Logan, and Katie, respectively.

Additionally, client switches can act as a VTP relay and received VTP advertisements are forwarded out any trunk links to neighboring switches in the domain.

A switch in transparent mode does not participate in VTP by synchronizing its VLAN database based on advertisements from the VTP server.

Here is my source with an excerpt: configuration revision number of the switch that you inserted was higher than the configuration revision number of the VTP domain.

Therefore, your recently introduced switch, with almost no configured VLANs, erased all VLANs through the VTP domain.

Also the distribution switch will be configured with VLAN 2112 with the name Rush.

A VTP client can erase VLAN information on a VTP server.

I have a question about the classic example given where a newly-introduced switch with a higher revision number blows away the existing config on a network by propagating its VLAN table across the domain.

My question is, won't this only work if the newly-introduced client is on the same domain as the rest of the devices running VTP?

Some of the items configured deal with options, such as private VLANs, which are discussed in other sections in this book.

VLANs are created using the set vlan command for COS devices or with the vlan command in vlan database mode for IOS switches.

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