Virus prevents antivirus updating

You can install it on the USB drive and protect the USB drive while inserting it on any system.

You can also install it in your Windows computer and let it guard against USB viruses and malware.

The following method uses the security permission of NTFS file format to secure your USB drive.

Note: The default filesystem for most USB drive is Fat32, which is good if you are using the it on different platforms such as Linux, Mac OS and Windows.

If you install Mx One Antivirus on the USB drive, you will need to run the executable in order to scan for viruses in the USB drive (it doesn’t run automatically).

If you install Mx One Install on your PC, it will monitor for newly inserted USB storage devices and scan the device once it is inserted.

Phrozen Safe USBNinja Pendisk is another popular choice for monitoring the USB drives for malware.

Ninja Pendisk is a portable utility which will wait for the USB drive to be inserted.

Go to the Security tab and make sure “Everyone” has read-only rights on the root folder.3.

Mx One Antivirus As mentioned earlier, there are several ways to protect your USB drive and computer.

My personal choice is the NTFS file system method and Phrozen Safe USB.

Under Disk Drives, right click the USB drive name and select “Properties”.3.

Go to Policies tab and select “Better performance” under Removal policy.4.

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