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This method that we’re about to perform is one of the easiest ways to deploy a Node JS app. You’ll also need to verify your email address for your account to activate.

All we have to do is first register an account with Next, install If this is the first time you’re running the command, you’ll be asked to enter your email address.

We’ll build a single page application that runs on top of an Express server.

Please note that you can download the code for this tutorial from our Git Hub repo.

If not, you’ll need to get yourself a USB webcam that you can attach to the top of your monitor.

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You could also ask a friend with an internet connection to help you with this.

As mentioned earlier, Simple Web RTC supports multiple peers.

Here’s the code for adding remote video streams when a new user joins a room: object that contains useful information about our peer connection, but in this case, we’re only interested in the DOM element’s ID.

You’ll need to set up a local Signal Master server for handling Web RTC signaling. We need to write logic for creating and joining a room. Post some messages to confirm the chat room is working.

Let’s do a quick refresh of the web page to confirm the new code is working: The page should request access to your camera and microphone. In addition, we need to write additional logic for displaying the chat room. Once you’ve confirmed it’s working, move on to the next task.

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