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Explore the Telerik Public Issue Tracking system and vote to affect the priority of the items Hi All, I have an issue while validating the cell of rad gridview.I have used cell validating event for checking whether the cell is empty or not.After extensive discussion among the team, we've decided to make a last-minute change to ASP.NET MVC 2 in regards to way that validation is handled.

The implementation in those early previews is what we would call "Input Validation".Hope this helps, if you have any other questions or comments, please let me know, Best Regards, Emanuel Varga The funny thing is: the Cell Validating Event Args class gives you everything except the cell itself! I think it would be better to replace Value, Row Index, and Column Index with a cell object which contains all those properties and more. Where are all the row, rowindex, column, columnindex, columns, or rows properties??? You can set the Error Text of the row to indicate that it is not valid. Best regards, Alexander the Telerik team Do you want to have your say when we set our development plans?I fell bad for the Value Changing Event Args class!!! You can use the Current Row, Current Column and Current Cell properties of Rad Grid View when you handle the event is fired twice using the lastest version of the Rad Grid View control (Q2 2010 SP2). Do you want to know when a feature you care about is added or when a bug fixed?Hi, I have Rad Grid View object and I want to Validate user input. when the user enters a value which is greater than 0 for column1 then if the column2 is greater than 0 an error must be occured and also this is the rule for coulmn2 (that is if coulmn2 value is greater than 0 and also column1's value is greater than 0 the error occurs.) the problem is that first of all I must check the value of a cell.but when I check an error occurs and tells that the value is null: if(column1.currentrow.column["My Coulmn"].value! event fired whenever the current row changed, not just only when editing only. Look like the Value Changing event is triggered while in editing. This is not needed in my case where I want to validate the new value when user pressed the Enter key. The Cell Validating event fires whenever user clicks on a row, not just in edit mode. Maybe because it could host other type of controls?

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