Updating windows product key

Do you want to upgrade from Windows 10 Home edition to Windows 10 Pro edition?Want to buy the Pro license and upgrade to the same from Windows 10 Home edition?The .99 button appears when you are trying the upgrade to Pro edition on an activated install of Windows 10 Home edition.The 9.99 button will be shown when you are upgrading a non-activated Windows 10 Home edition to Professional edition (here you will be purchasing the Pro edition, not just the upgrade license).Go through our difference between Windows 10 Home and Pro editions for detailed information.While you can upgrade a non-activated Windows 10 Home edition install to Pro edition, you need to activate the install to keep on using the Windows 10 Pro after the initial 30-day trial period.

Step 3: Click Activation to see the current activation status of your Windows 10 Home edition installation.Note that you can upgrade to the Pro edition without a key or license.If you like the Pro edition after trying out the features it offers, you can purchase the key later by performing above mentioned instructions again.To upgrade from Home edition to Pro edition, click Upgrade to Pro button.If you want to buy the Pro edition license right away, click the .99 or 9.99 button right before the Upgrade to Pro button.

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