Updating trainz database

As an aside these assets all work fine in my installation of TANE on this same computer. I tried opening for edit and then submitting them - same results. I have double checked my game settings on my two computers and they appear to be set the same.As an aside these assets all work fine in my installation of TANE on this same computer. When I viewed the errors and warnings, CM showed no errors and warnings, but the assets took a few seconds to disappear from the list.If the 'revert to original' line is not active, select 'open for edit'. Please note that you can do bulk repairs by highlighting multiple faulty assets and then followin the procedures above.Once the asset is opened for edit click 'submit edits'. Asset contains faulty dependencies - open in content manager and right click on the faulty asset and select 'list dependencies'. Regards Bob So I looked at all the dependencies of all the rolling stock and found one that had an obsoleted reference in the alias line in config file.When I downloaded assets onto my laptop I get many faulty assets (Many of the majekear rolling stock show up as faulty).So the question is why are the assets appearing OK on one computer and faulty on the other one.I have had similar problems, particularly after transferring assets or completing an extended data base repair.There are two faults that seem to appear regularly: either the asset is faulty or the asset contains faulty dependencies.

This is done by clicking on 'Developer' at the top of the launcher or content manager screen, and then hold down the CTRL key and left click on 'rebuild database'.This game sometimes is pure black magic to get it running.I also found another asset which was faulty (02905:2 - 2 Bay CFlow Hopper) which was also OK in both TANE and my other install of 2019.I updated the alias and low and behold everything became all right.But the great mystery is why the very same consist appears OK in my other installation of TRS 2019 with the alias referencing the same obsolete asset.

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