Updating old building windows

[Read more] Few elements of a building contribute to its architectural character than do the windows and window sashes.

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For an extension to be defined as a ‘conservatory’ in Building Regulations terms, it must meet a significant proportion of the walls and roof must be glazed.

Although this isn’t defined, it is usually accepted to be 75% of the roof and 50% of the walls.

Like porches, conservatories are not considered to be part of the permanently habitable zone of a house.

This means that they are exempt from the Building Regulations, including the heat loss requirements.

To be exempt, conservatories also have to be: Those conservatories that do survive for any length of time are often abandoned for much of the year, as they are too hot in the summer months and too cold in winter.

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These are unlikely to be suitable to act as rafters supporting the new solid roof.

Some conservatory roof conversions use lightweight solid roofs of either moulded resin sheets with the appearance of tiles, or composite lightweight slates.

The insulation is usually provided by the PUR sheets over OSB sheeting, creating a warm roof without a cold void that needs ventilating.

You must first understand which to use and which model to avoid.

[Read more] Marvin windows is a last resort for those who cannot restore their original historic windows and also a good option for replacing a replacement window.

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