Updating my katana phone

Askiisoft further explained how updating the game would not delete existing data but would warn players the save file was corrupted and ask them to reset it.

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Some players benefit by practicing the timing of their weapon swings; the katana's swift striking abilities do not facilitate the development of swing-timing skills, however, potentially requiring more practice with other weapons at later points in the game.If you don't reset it, then you'll be fine." Fortunately, the problem has already been resolved, but it's likely going to take a few days before the patch goes live.According to the official Kantana Zero Twitter account, there'll be a cheat code within the next patch, allowing players to recover their progress if they accidentally reset their save file.The trick, then, is to chain your small but powerful set of moves together with absolute precision, clearing the room with a swift set of dodges, deflections, and sword slashes.If you mess up though, and you likely will at first, a full rewind is just a button away, meaning you can try over and over until you nail the level in one breathlessly balletic display of blood and steel.

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