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You have decided that you will use an Update Query to change all of the relevant records in your Products table.Our original table appears like the following example: The original Products table before we run the Update Query We need to update the Unit Price field, to update all records from our supplier (Exotic Liquids) as they have informed us of a 3% price increase.Here are the steps that we follow to produce the required outcome: Remember that the update query will permanently update records from the specified table(s), therefore it is very important that you have backed up the table(s) or database before running this object.Once you have ran the update query, you can check the results by once again changing the update query back to a select query.Here are the steps to create an update query that updates values across tables: database.

When the query is finished, open tbl Albums again—you should see that the Purchase Price field in this table has been updated based on the values in tbl Albums Updated (see Figure 1-18).There are several ways to update data in an Access database.You add a record to your database when you have a new item to track, such as a new contact to the Contacts table.Drag these additional fields to the query grid and specify criteria for them.As long as you leave the Update To row blank for these columns, they will be used for their criteria only and will not be updated.

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