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However, for some reason the developers at EA Sports lit into reserve quarterback and do-it-all football player Taysom Hill.

He was given the fourth-worst “Madden 20” rating of all Saints players, placed next to practice squad passer J. Barrett IV despite Hill’s rushing ability and proven upside on special teams.

WAVY 10 , 4 January 2007 (UTC) To clear this up: It was a porn DVD with a printed-out Madden label.

Since the game was bought used (and for that matter, it was found by the mother of a 14 year old boy) I'd say it had probably been planted by someone after the game had already been shipped and is not a wide-spread problem.

That spot belongs to his favorite target, wide receiver Michael Thomas.

If you need to change these edits (don't understand why you would) please discuss them first. -Darth Obvious There is a giltch in the game concerning the fumbling. Actually, you can recover a fumble and run with it, done it many times. Is this common to all copies of the game (a la the infamous "Hot Coffee" mod), or is it a localized issue with that Circuit City's copies?I am adding a PC section to the version differnces and known bugs.I had one before but it was taken out for some dumb reason.- , 21 February 2007 (UTC) While I agree that it warrants some mention here that EA set up this publicity giveaway, I feel that the paragraph should have some sourcing.For example, I know ESPN covered this on Sports Center.

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