Updating jmicron firmware

wpfb_dl=3869 I then simply flashed the 64k version of the latest known FW (v255. labeled in this thread as v25. binary compare of vxxx.23 and vxxx.22 shows they are identical except for filling out the area above 37k with 00's and ff's.Unfortunately for me, my testing showed dropouts continued despite this upgrade.I was hopeful, but in the end it still failed :( Maybe others will have better luck.Tech Tip: If you are having trouble deciding which is the right driver, try the Driver Update Utility for JMicron.

Once I was done testing JMS539Fw Update Tool_v010.zip, I re-installed the 37K JMS539_PM_255. I have had this problem with my 1 TB Western Digital USB 3.0 drive. Issue has been fixed the Asus G75VW USB 3.0 is not junk.It was all Jmicron JMS539 firmware And I now have the solutuion.BIN However, their bin was 37K in size like all others on the web. This fixed my usb 3.0 drop issue and I had good speed but created a new issue.I now had only one volume vise seven in my Raid Stack. I use the ARECA ARC-5040 Revision 1.1 (ie: USB 3.0 version) External RAID box with my G75VW Laptop on the USB 3.0 bus now.

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