Updating data in a view sql

SQL Server provides a better way to save this query in the database catalog through a view.

A view is a named query stored in the database catalog that allows you to refer to it later.

This makes views useful for abstracting or hiding complex queries.

The following picture illustrates a view that includes columns from multiple tables: Generally speaking, views provide the following advantages: You can restrict users to access directly to a table and allow them to access a subset of data via views.

The default is to permit these operations through a view, subject to the constraints described below.

it is necessary for your process to have either %ALTER_VIEW administrative privilege or an %ALTER object privilege for the specified view.

When using FROM, one should ensure that the join produces at most one output row for each row to be modified.To make it consistent, you can hide the complex queries logic and calculations in views.Once views are defined, you can reference the logic from the views rather than rewriting it in separate queries.Failing to do so results in an SQLCODE -99 error (Privilege Violation).You can determine if the current user has %ALTER privilege by invoking the %CHECKPRIV command. You can use the The following examples create a view then alter that view.

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