Updating an old mirror

Stick to a plain shower curtain if you go for a colorful wallpaper, though, and let the wallpaper do all the work. Wall-hung or pedestal sinks are always nice to make a tight space look open, but then where does your stuff go?Just make sure you have good ventilation if you have a shower in your bathroom, so that the paper does not peel off the walls. Older bathrooms usually do not have many towel bars or hooks.

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This means the rest of the art can be something you love and can feature more of your favorite colors, but with just that touch of teal, pink, peach or whatever’s in your vintage bathroom, the art will still connect with the space.Or, instead of drapes, find a shower curtain that packs a punch. If you paint the walls, paint the outlet covers to match.This will help hide the outlet a bit (though with continued use, you may have to touch up the paint).The black motifs in the wallpaper tie in with the black accents in the tilework and add some interest to keep the eye moving around the space.Your wallpaper can have as much color and pattern as you like — it doesn’t have to be gray or another neutral.

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