Updating a ranch style home Lina and mark 2013 video reallifecam

Q My husband and I have been living in our ranch home since the 1970s, and we are finally ready to do some upgrading to make it a little more current. The earth-hugging prairie-style houses pioneered by Frank Lloyd Wright and the popular California bungalow styles paved the way for the ranch.

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• Raise the ceiling from 8 to 10 feet to give the illusion of more space.Give your squat space a lift with options as inexpensive as a coat of paint.If bricks along the bottom half or under the windows of your ranch’s exterior chop it even shorter, update -- and stretch -- the exterior with paint.• Consider flat lightweight concrete tile or Spanish clay tile roofing.• Replace outdated windows with good quality wood or metal clad wood windows and doors.

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