Up dating opera flash 9

This security problem is noted on the Ubuntu bug tracker.

To check for new Flash Player versions, run sudo update-pepperflashplugin-nonfree –status in a Terminal window.

It supports the Pepper Flash plug-in, but you’ll have to install it in the same way you do for Chromium.

That’s why Firefox’s Plugin Check doesn’t flag the old Flash plug-in as outdated.

It’s still used for many desktop sites, but the web and Adobe itself are moving towards HTML5 and other web technologies integrated into browsers.

It’s clear Flash is no longer as much of a priority, and Adobe will eventually wind down Flash Player development for all platforms.

Mozilla is trying to build HTML5 and web technologies — they want web developers to use that, not to make shiny new Pepper plug-ins more tempting.

Officially, the latest version of Flash on Linux is only available via Chrome — it’s bundled and comes with Chrome itself.

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