Two artists dating michael c hall dating jennifer

Of course, many other factors are just as important: attraction, personality, trust, lust, understanding.. ------------------ ( posted by tammy: Wouldn't know. Glad I'm not married to a computer geek like me either. We have six nods to roan: two computers, side by side here ------------------ "If you understand your painting beforehand, you might as well not paint it." -Salvadore Dali I married a psychologist who plays guitar. I always fantasized about looking at each other in our bedroom, sketching each other.

I guess I always felt that it was such a core essence of my being that I wanted to be one in that way with someone.

If I have a UNIX problem, I can explain exactly what it is and he can teach me how to fix it. He does love to watch me paint now and then, but totally respects my space and rarely says anything when he does so.

I've caught a little smile on his face now and then, tho only problem we ever had was when we ran a business together -- IEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeee!

It’s 100% free to do so — plus, after you see someone who catches your eye, send them a virtual wink, add them to your Favorites list, and more.My hubby is a poet - so it's a different type of artist, but it's the lifestyle that needed to be accomodated. People that roll around with currencies all day makes me feel uncomfortable. However, if this person is in love with the arts, that's a different story. Have several in the family and my sister's have both married artistic people. I longed for a man who could write songs for ME or paint/draw pictures of & for me, but eventually realized it was not going to happen.I'm sure there are non-artists out there who are perfectly compatible with artists (whassup joe! It's as if each dollar you touch, you lose a bit of your soul. I guess the bottomline is, as long as this person can understand and share the joy of being creative or admiring someone else's creativity, that common ground will be the building foundation. If you married a comp geek then you'd have at LEAST two computers! ------------------ Leaflin "Imagination makes you see all sorts of things." Georgia O'Keeffe My first 3 partners were compltely non-artistic sowe had nothing in common at all I wasted nearly 35 years of my life on fruitless people,my partner of the last 9 years is a very talented local artist as well and that has made my life very easy plus this partner is 23yrs younger than me ,soooooo young and talented works just fine thank you very much!!! I am not attracted to that type of guy, probably because I have those qualities and deep down knew we would clash as I am very competitive and headstrong. It works, except he cannot critique the work before I post it and I usually post absymal things that I would not if he could critique it first. Mary My fantasy has always been to marry an artist.I've seen him draw things for my daughter and he's got a natural drawing ability.He says one artist is more than enough in our family for now both of us with almost the exact same interests is heaven. He can talk to me about his work and I can advise him, or not, or just listen and be his sounding board.

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