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Significantly, the Suleyman Shah burial site is located near a very sensitive site for ISIS and its theology, the Dabiq Valley.

He suspected that the Mamluks would also seek allies in Christian Europe, and when the Mamluks did not heed him, he thwarted an alliance between them and the Shiites. The Mamluks of Egypt are analogous to the Muslim Brotherhood, who are prepared to make alliances both with the Shi’ites of Iran and Europe in the framework of “political Islam,” and hence constitute an enemy along with Europe.

The Islamic faith frowns heavily on unchaperoned dating and premarital sex, hence the presence of a family member as a chaperon.

Even Muslim couples that are already engaged to marry cannot spend time alone together.

Muslim couples that decide to get married become engaged early, once they know they are compatible.

Because of the Muslim stricture against premarital sex, the entire dating and engagement process is supervised, with the couple participating in group outings with friends, according to the Families website.

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