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When the players leave the Tomb of the Nine Gods, any magic item found in the tomb that was possessed by one of the trickster gods turns to dust and is destroyed.If the player played into the flaw of the god well, he can keep the item (And I'd assume the flaw and blessing) with him.You can roleplay the voices of the trickster gods in the characters' heads, but let the players roleplay their characters' inherited flaws.If a player neglects to roleplay a trickster god's flaw, have the inhabiting spirit attempt to goad the character into behaving more like it. You can award inspiration to a player who roleplays a trickster god's flaw particularly well. He's always arguing with you, and making fun of you behind your back. I liked the way Adam Koebel handled this with his group.

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Do you guys have any homebrew rules how you handle players who don't follow what the trickster god says to do? The advice is like a voice they hear in their head, it's not a compulsion.

Many of the comments were from over 2 years ago and far from relevant to Module 16.

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I feel like the player should choose how to RP the "flaw", but doing it well or going all in on it is a good opportunity to give a character inspiration.

Officially there are no rules detailed in the module for how to handle this HOWEVER there are rules towards the end of the module talking about this.

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