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annual imports of the products concerned from economies affected by the measures) and not the impact of the trade measures.Liberalization associated with the 2015 Expansion of the WTO's Information Technology Agreement is not included in the figures. These electronic platforms, acting as authoritative registries of key information regarding open OTC derivatives trades, provide an effective tool for mitigating the inherent opacity of OTC derivatives markets.This market infrastructure is defined and supervised in Europe by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) under the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR).At this critical juncture, the report calls on WTO members to follow through on their commitment to trade and to the rules-based international trading system and work together urgently to ease trade tensions and to improve and strengthen the WTO.Note: These figures are estimates and represent the trade coverage of the measures (i.e.During the review period, and for the first time since 2012, the number of terminations of trade remedy investigations by WTO members outpaced the number of initiations of trade remedy actions.

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The trade coverage of trade remedy initiations recorded is estimated at USD 20.2 billion and that of trade remedy terminations at USD 16.4 billion.

World Customs Organization is looking at undertaking a major review of the Harmonized System (HS).

Therefore, we would like to have a feedback from you, as UN Comtrade user, on the use of HS in your work.

The report shows that WTO members applied 38 new trade-restrictive measures during the review period mainly through tariff increases, import bans, special safeguards, import taxes and export duties.

The trade coverage of import-restrictive measures implemented between mid-October 2018 and mid-May 2019 is estimated at USD 339.5 billion - 44% above the average since October 2012 when the report started including trade coverage figures.

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