Tom felton emma watson dating 2016

Felton was glad he was to personify the bad guy: he would be more memorable to the audience and ignite stronger emotions.

Tom has always been a cheerful and kind young man, and he had to work on the mimics of the evil, arrogant character. After the movie, Felton felt the screen image stuck to him: people he knew treated him cautiously and suspected he bore some resemblance to Draco Malfoy.

The same year, Felton joined the cast of the superhero series The Flash.

He gained the role of the ambiguous character Julian Albert / Alchemy.

For the first time, Tom fell in love at 16; his girlfriend’s name was Melissa.

Nevertheless, the youthful fascination was over soon.

He was the youngest child in the large family and had three elder brothers. When Felton went to school, he was invited to three other choirs. The young artist was invited to three more projects; Anna and the King was the most famous among them.

When the boy turned eight, the mother’s friend helped him to go to the auditions for the movie The Borrowers. 11-year-old Tom played the son of the main character (Jodie Foster).

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Today, the actor is often invited to exciting projects.

However, he is still a simple guy who likes fishing and rural peace.

Thomas Andrew Felton was born in September 1987 in London. Tom was artistic and had an ear for music and a wonderful voice; he was accepted to a church choir.

In the end, it was Daniel Radcliffe who took the lead role of Harry.

The young American actor Liam Aiken could have played the young magician, but Joanne Rowling insisted that a British boy should be chosen.

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