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It applies to the enthusiasms experienced by some non-Asian people for such things as Asian cinema, An Asian fetish is distinct from an interracial partnership.Interracial relationships may occur for reasons distinct from race.Like other immigrant and minority ethnic communities, we deserve to be able to share our experiences without outsiders playing devil’s advocate.When these non-Asian romantic partners use the existence of their significant other or their mixed-race children to establish their authority in arguments and get away with making insensitive remarks, they are reducing their “loved ones” to mere bargaining chips.But of course, the taxi driver was not alone in assuming this status.

Western powers, including the United States, established a presence in the port cities of China, Japan and Korea and made substantial profits from the lucrative trade routes.There was a white female student across the room who kept making eye contact with me throughout the afternoon and just a minute or two after I had left the room, she followed me outside.We chatted about what we were studying, where we lived before we started college – you know, the usual uni student checklist for small talk, at least until she started talking about her relationship.“I’m actually dating an Asian boy, he’s Korean,”she said out of the blue.“I’m kind of known around here for having yellow fever.” Did she want praise? What kind of person starts off a conversation like that? I don’t get it; mixed babies are so much cuter,” she said looking slightly disgusted.

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