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This is unsurprising because the advance in technology has given rise to easy access and communication, no matter where you are.

So, for those hoping to find that special someone to tie the knot with, here is a short list of popular international dating sites for those above 30.

The site is not for light hearted singles since its main point and focus is to help relationships end up in marriages and long term relationships for its members.

It’s quite clear from the name that this online dating site devotes itself to helping singles over the age of 30.

This site focuses on education which means that members are only allowed to join if they have attained a higher education.

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Most would feel that dating in their 20’s was a fun and exciting experience, but by the time they hit the mature age of 30, it’s now become tedious.This site is also very exclusive, you must be invited by an existing member of the website to join, or apply for invitation and have your Facebook profile evaluated by the Sparkology team before being issued an invitation code.e is without a doubt one of the most popular dating sites out there.Since it can be quite difficult to find members of the same age, Thrity is exclusively for singles in their 30’s.This helps the matchmaking process in the same age group closer together and relatively easier for members to find their romantic interests.

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