The flip side dating roles

She’s going to feel like she’s with a man who is emotionally sensitive and needs to be patted on the back and supported at all times. He doesn’t need to get into an argument with his woman.

She doesn’t want to be in that situation, because it doesn’t make her feel safe. He can simply laugh at her and not take it seriously.

The guy ends up looking at her as his equal in terms of dominance and it becomes a 50-50 relationship.

Relationships like that can last for quite a while, but the sexual spark isn’t going to be there.

Yet, when a man is emotionally weak or sensitive and always do it because he isn’t providing her with that instinctive primal need to feel safe and protected in a relationship.

So, an important thing to understand is that even if you and a woman are happy and in love, her instincts are still going to drive her to occasionally test you.

One final point that I want to make for you in this video, is that there is no escaping the challenges and tests of a woman in a relationship, just like there is no escaping the challenges and tests of life.

The thing is, every challenge in your life presents you with an opportunity to become stronger as a man and to reach your potential.

When a man is able to provide a woman with a feeling of being protected by a man, it allows her to feel safe in the relationship and as a result, she will respect him, feel attracted to him and love him for that. You know, there’s no need to keep a woman like that if she’s out of line.

One thing I want to point out here is that over the years, some guys have contacted me and said that it’s not fair how a man needs to be confident and emotionally strong in a relationship.

Some guys have said, because he’s an emotionally strong man, but she’s going to be more loving and supportive as he goes through a stressful or difficult time in life.

Her instincts drive her to occasionally test her man to see if he has any chinks in his emotional armor, if he is weak in some areas, if he needs to toughen up in some areas. She has an instinctive need to want to feel protected by a man in a relationship. They’re looking for that feeling of protection and safety that comes from being with a man who believes in himself and doesn’t suddenly start doubting himself because someone said, Whatever.

If he’s not emotionally strong to the point where he can’t handle the fake pressure that she puts on him at times, then she’s not going to feel safe with him. If a man knows that his shirt looks good, then he doesn’t need to start questioning himself, getting upset, feeling insecure, sulking, getting into a mood and so on.

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