Table not updating with form

The problem is, the users see "Quantity" in terms of items per day or per week.

The actual quantity stored in the database is really Items/Day*#Days in Period.

It populates Description (text), Unit Price (#), and Unit of Measure (#), and pulls the performance period dates from the main form (used for calculating quantities)The user then populates the Quantity of the CLIN they want on the new Child contract.

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I have gone through all of the properties of a text field that will populate and one that won't and can't find any differences. In the current structure, the children and the parents are stored in the same table. If the contract is a parent, it's Parent ID is the same as it's Contract ID. I have a query to pull the most recent CLINs for the contracts that I used originally as the source for the subform (before I tried the temptable approach).

CLINLookup has an After Update event that uses Dlookups to populate some fields from the Parent Line Item, and leaves the child specific fields blank for the user to populate.

This structure was working, but I had 2 unbound fields on the form that were use for calculation.

So get around this problem without modifying my backend tables, I thought to use a temporary table for the output from the subform, and include in this temporary table the 2 fields that were there only for calculation's sake, and build a function to copy the line items to the permanent data table once the user clicked a command button.

To create the temp table, I copied the table structure of the original source table to the front end, added my 2 new unbound fields, and renamed it. Problem is, once I switched the data source for the subform to the temporary table and bound all of the controls, my dlookups in the ' After Update' event started acting funny. SRFPOPEnd End Sub Any assistance/ideas anyone can throw at me would be tremendously appreciated.

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