System crash when updating catalyst drivers

Unfortunately, the first device interpreter on hand only speaks English and Italian. Now, imagine a second interpreter arrived who spoke Italian and German.

By sending down the line through the two interpreters, eventually, communication would work.

Language translation is only as good as the worst speaker of a language in the chain.

If your interpreter speaks very good English but only passable German, then it’s possible they’ll misspeak, and the German speaker won’t truly understand what’s being said.

Your mouse, keyboard, and USB drives are likely using generic Microsoft-made drivers, for instance.

Some devices can use generic drivers but may perform better with device-specific drivers.

The problem gets more complicated than that, but at their basic levels, they can be boiled down to the fact that bad data made an impossible request and the system couldn’t recover. Drivers themselves may contain bugs or incompatibilities, but a driver may also appear to be at fault when the underlying hardware device is failing or has another physical problem.

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The close interaction between software, driver, and hardware is what makes everything work on your computer. Let’s go back to our language interpretation analogy.

Software sometimes uses multiple drivers to work with a device, passing the data through each.

To return to our language barrier example, imagine your Software speaks English, and your Hardware speaks German.

Imagine your OS speaks English, and your hardware speaks German.

Hardware drivers, then, are the language interpreter converting English to German and back again.

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