Symantec endpoint not updating policy

So it is basically a waiting game from here onwards then? It just concerns me the fact that some of our users are still getting the yellow icon.

Can I please ask; are you also experiencing that only some of your workstations are experiencing this issue? Kind regards, mustekkzn All of the workstations that were previsouly managed in 2009 and are now getting updates with 12/31/09 rev 126 are not throwing any errors. I'm not sure why you get the yellow icon on the others.

I think the patch for the 12/31/2009 problem is only available for MR3. which according to the link I sent (which seems to be updated on a regular basis with the latest information regarding the bug) does not yet have a patch. Hi josh2780 Just had a look again at my list of updates.

Click on your "about" link in the upper right to know what maintenance release you are on. Have you also find that only some of your workstations are showing the status of being out of date? JPG the issue that you are describing in your question appaers to be the following bug.

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If not, you likely have an issue with clients connecting to SEPM. Good day Experts I am very happy to report back this morning that it seems like my problem has been resolved. I only have the 14 workstations that seems be an issue.Also, according to the below link, there is a patch out for this problem.Open SEPM-If this process displays any errors like return code 4 or the liveupdate does not complete then follow this document to uninstall liveupdate and reinstall liveupdate and re-register SEPM with liveupdate: Regards, Pradeep Jhala Hi Pradeep Thank you for your post.As per my screenshot, I have done as you suggested. Is it safe to presume that I dont do the uninstall and reinstall of liveupdate then? Hopefully I will be able to get to the bottom of this quickly with your help.

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