Students and online dating

On Campus: Dating, Hook-Ups, and Frustrations In addition to this stasis that Eastwick mentions, some posit that Harvard students especially tend not to prioritize dating.

“It’s hard to actually meet people, especially in a community like Harvard, where everyone is so busy and no one stops to get to know each other,” says Jake, a gay freshman from California who has used Ok Cupid.

Bensing ’14, treasurer of the Harvard Computer Society, which oversees the ubiquitous Valentine’s Day matching program Datamatch.

Some believe that “hookups,” on the other hand, are far more common on Harvard’s campus.

From 1999 to 2009, the percentage of couples who met online surged from 10.9 percent to 23.2 percent nationally, according to a study from the University of Rochester.Online dating provides students with the opportunity to look beyond the physical Harvard campus for everything from a one-night stand to a long, dreamy courtship.Whether dating across campuses or meeting young professionals, students find that these tools have proved invaluable in enlarging their social networks.“There’s probably less social spaces to meet people.It seems classes or extracurriculars are your only option, while other universities have more of a common meeting area,” remarks Earle J.

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