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You will still be required to register for and earn CPT-related credit according to the application.

CPT is employment that is an integral part of your major curriculum and allows you to participate in an internship, practicum or cooperative education program.

Shows on the map everything​ completed​ but XBOX doesn't give the achievement. So until then I'm stuck at 99% but my tracker says 95%. forgot to say I played some co-op but darned if I can remember which missions I played when I was host and which ones when I joined one of two friends games.

I'm just going to go back and replay them one by one.i think the latest patch fucked this up.

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Achievements that won't unlock for me:collect all bonus medals: 93% (i have all medals according to the map and upgrade tree)discover all legends: 95% (i got them all)found all documents: 97% (i got them all)all sniper rifles collected: 92% (i got them all according to the map and gear)all assault rifles collected: 94% (i got them all according to the map and gear)They better fix this shit!!! My mate completed this last week and i played most of the game with him.Multiple overlapping, part-time CPTs will count as full-time CPT days for OPT eligibility.Students may be eligible to apply for CPT when: Department advisers must assist with the CPT application in order to identify internship course credit.A Department Adviser may be: The department adviser is responsible for completing the “Adviser Section” of the CPT application on your behalf; this person should be familiar with the student’s degree program and job/internship offer.Provide your department adviser with this information before you apply for CPT through ISS: Extension = If the new requested end date is before the start of the next academic quarter.

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