Stacks dating brooke hogan

To Brooke’s credit, she did manage to rack up an impressive music career with some songs that managed to break into the Billboard Hot 100.Though, most her star power surely would have never happened had in not been for her celebrity father Hulk Hogan, who basically opened the doors for her career.You might not have noticed, but the truth is that Brooke took part in various films from 2009 to as recent as 2015.

However, she wouldn’t ink a deal with the WWE but join the lackluster TNA promotion which garnered the very same results, lackluster.The series ended in 2009 and Brooke is still attempting a comeback in the field of reality television to this day, recently signing a new deal with a network overseas (her new show, , but the show truly thrived in helping to pave the way for reality television.Back in 2005, reality TV was only beginning to scratch the surface in terms of relevancy, and the program helped pave the way for countless reality shows in the future.Just open your television set nowadays and chances are, at least 30% of the networks are playing a reality based show.VH1 pounced on the program which lasted four seasons and 43 episodes on their airwaves.

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