Speed dating oak park

The yacht promised everything that the Ferris wheel lacked: alcohol, thumping bass lines, dim lighting.

These elements exist in almost every place singles mingle for a reason: our senses need to be tricked into believing that looking for love by making small talk with a room of random strangers is a perfectly natural thing to do.

"We're going out next week." At the beginning of this blustery night, I couldn't help but look up at the Ferris wheel and see a depressing supersize metaphor: Love comes with a steep admission fee, spins you in the air, and then ends abruptly.

But that cynical thought had melted down, replaced with a pearl of wisdom I'd heard earlier from possibly some great philosopher: "I'm on a Ferris wheel in the world's greatest city, what could go wrong?

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Now all 90 of us were trudging the length of the pier through the snow to our separate ways.

I learned that Elliott was a scientist who wasn't bullshitting about knowing how to make homemade meth, though she warned that she'd never put that knowledge into practice. "It was a fun group to talk to," John admitted as we strolled to the yacht from the Ferris wheel. Sometimes it felt like we were on a job interview where you're thinking a lot about what you're going to say.

At some point, I let it slip that I was recently single after a breakup. But that second group was so relaxed—it was cool." John also confessed two additional facts: hat seemed eminently achievable after we arrived at the landlocked boat docked to the pier.

When the Dutch-designed Centennial Wheel was installed in May 2016 as part of the pier's larger renovation project, most of the attention focused on its size—at 196 feet, it was nearly 50 foot taller than its predecessor.

I'd argue that the addition of the bigger, flashier navy-blue-colored gondolas was the more significant change.

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