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The S3 guaranteed critical doesn’t improve her damage ceiling, but it DOES raise her damage floor considerably.

You can consider ditching all crit chance on her and investing in full ATK substats, though I’m not sure if I want to recommend this.

S3 still has a long cooldown, however, and she still won’t be going before a lot of priority threats. (Thank you /u/sadlifestrife for picking this up; I'd forgotten to add it to the changelog bit.) Basar’s overall utility has greatly increased.

While his ratios are still horrid (.9 on S2 AND S3), he is now a slightly slower Earth version of Dizzy, combining the potent package of Blind and Attack Down on his S3.

She can help you to almost ignore his adds and her auto AI will focus him anyways, so this is a great buff for her.

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(Just because you can use her as a slow Hero for higher spike damage doesn’t mean that you have to - her DPT increases as she gets faster, even if her 1-turn spike may occasionally suffer from attacking prematurely.) While this is by no means an extensive list of the new interactions with base Speed, it is an indicator of how much a little extra base Speed can help a Hero.

The damage bonus on her S3 allows her to deal slightly more damage to targets, reducing the KO threshold.

Overall, Lilibet gets some staying power and damage increases out of these buffs. S3 gains a 30% CR knockback on the entire enemy team. Additionally, Basar's S3 can now be Soulburned instead of his S2 to completely ignore EFFR%.

Hi guys, and thank you for checking out our article, where we walk you through the upcoming major rebalancing.

We’ve been waiting for quite a while for these changes (especially the buffs to underused 5⭐ Heroes like Basar, Lilibet, Yuna, etc.) So without further ado, we’ll show the buffs/nerfs and give you our opinion on what they’ll do to the meta in Pv E/Pv P.

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