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Are you asking yourself the question, “Is she using me?

” Gentlemen, today we’re showing you the 10 most common signs she’s using you.

Because that’s one of the most obvious signs you’re in the friendzone.

If she only comes calling when she needs something from you, it means you’re not on her mind when life is good, only when she’s in a jamb.

Does she ask questions about your life or just quietly sit there until you ask her a question? When you meet a girl you like, it’s ridiculously easy to get tunnel vision and ignore all the red flags you should be on the lookout for.

Luckily, other people don’t get those hearts in their eyes, and if the people who care about you or those who have known her longer than you have tell you that she’s bad news, you need to listen to them.

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If she knows you’re the chivalrous type, who will always offer to pick up the tab, then you may find yourself stuck with a payday regular… If every time you try and make plans to hang out, she invites you along to a group hang, there’s a good chance she’s not comfortable hanging out one on one.

Was she in a bind that she couldn’t get out of herself?

Does she go dormant like a hibernating bear, only to reappear out of nowhere with an SOS text?

Because no matter how much you tell yourself that she wouldn’t do that to you, if she has a reputation, she already is. You’ve heard the saying, “Only time will tell” before, haven’t you?

In lots of situations – especially when you’re trying to get a girl to like you – It’s a smart idea to keep that saying in mind, because sometimes a girl just isn’t quite sure if she wants to date you yet.

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