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Furthermore, with the proliferation of Smart Speakers like Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple Homepod the use of voice is starting to become a new trend.As companies realize that NLP has still a long way to go, there is a new approach to solving problems from UX perspective.This is a platform built by K2 Agency, who specializes in designing and building fin-tech product.I won’t go into details about it because K2 has already done an excellent job describing how they made the product.Hence there is a new trend to evolve from NLP to NLU Natural Language Understanding.

It´s a post that combines conventional text based content with small chatbot interactions which provides extra information about certain topics.

It also provides one clear call to action for each user interaction with the system.

In this way, we could increase user attention and provide information only if needed. As I mentioned before, NLP technologies are still in their infancy.

On the other hand, users have a very high expectation in AI (which in part is due to those Hollywood sci-fi movies we saw in the past x D).

Therefore users have very low tolerance about the error rate a chatbot.

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