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She did so and while doing her gown again got lifted and I can see her panty clearly. She asked me how much time it will take I said I am almost done. Again hesitantly she agreed, I was very happy as everything I was planning was getting successful.

As she was busy in watching TV and had a clear view of her private parts. She was really clean shaved and her cunt was awesome. We had dinner and around 11 pm and she asked me to take pinku to my room as she was injured.

She is not a kind of typical house wife, she is well educated and has a beautiful figure. It was summer time in Chennai and I was having exams on my head.

I stayed back because of study and my aunt also stayed back as her daughter was not feeling well also someone has to be at home to take care of me.

I asked her to sit cross leg and I took Pinku in front of me in the bike so that she can be comfortable.

But I was not able to concentrate on my studies, the scene of her panty was flashing in front of my eyes. Her breast was erected like some mountains and then she has a really flat tummy and curved waist.

While returning I was just thinking that I will get one more chance to see her thigh and touch it also while putting giving her the first aid.

I came back and she was doing some house hold work.

She put Pinku in middle of the bed and she slept in the corner.

My study table was on her side of the room and I was having a table light.

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