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As to the animal cruelty charge, the court says it was improperly joined with the intimidation charge. Murillo posted messages to his Facebook account about a song he wrote and performed (titled “Moment for Life Remix”). It also referenced the two victims by first name and described the girls as “hoes”. You’re going to be laying on that bed Cuz im coming for your head b(*#$ Murillo’s high school dean apparently put pressure on Murillo to remove the song. [The song was downloaded 1,089 times and played 23,468 times.] The magistrate preliminarily reviewed the charges and found that there was no “willful threat to use force” against either of the victims. The court notes that the underlying threat statute has been construed to cover threatening statements “that a reasonable listener would understand” as a threat.

This court reverses, but notes that he can be retried for it. He went on to say: [T]hese b#$* caught him [Villalpando] slipping Then they fucking snitching I’m f*$& all these b*#$ Hunting down all these snitches Shit you know we have no fear I’ll have your head just like a dear It will be hanging on my wall . In response, Murillo said the dean was a “dumb ass” and . In the circumstances, the court says that a reasonable listener could have understood “Moment of Life Remix” to embody threats to the two victims.

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Endeavor[ing] to intimidate or impede any grand juror or trial juror or any officer in or of any court of this state or any court of any county or municipality of this state or any officer who may be serving at any proceeding in any such court while in the discharge of such juror’s or officer’s duties., states may criminalize true threats, which it says are defined as statements where the speaker intends to create a fear of bodily harm.

Under this standard, none of Harrell’s statements qualified.

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Carter and Webb later found an animal trap on a portion of Harrell’s property which adjoined Webb’s.

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He reached out to two superior court clerks and tried to “persuade” them to withdraw the warrant for his failure to appear. [o]n April 29, 2013, Harrell placed messages on the internet site Facebook that referred to Dodge County Superior Court Clerk Rhett Walker and Deputy Chief Clerk Tammy Graham. In another post, Harrell listed Walker’s personal cell phone number and urged readers to call Walker to tell him to leave Harrell alone while he was “on the run,” and thus not ruin Harrell’s “chicken foot eating victory.” Harrell also initiated telephone communication with Walker in an attempt to persuade him to lift the bench warrant, saying that if he did not do so by a certain date, Harrell would “turn [Walker’s] world upside down,” and that “you know what will happen on Facebook.” At trial, evidence was also presented that on April 15, 2013, Harrell left two voice mail messages intended for Shirley Webb, Harrell’s former girlfriend and the mother of two of Harrell’s children.

The entire factual recitation of what Harrell was alleged to have done is worth quoting in full: [T]he evidence showed that . One post threatened that if the bench warrant was not lifted, Harrell would post an internet link to a video which he claimed showed Graham engaging in sexual activity with Harrell and two other men; no such video existed. In one message, Harrell stated that he was Sid Carter, Webb’s current boyfriend, was placing the call from the cell phone of Harrell’s son, and referred to a “dead pussy” in Webb’s mailbox.

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