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For more pocket waterfront parks, check a city-made map of public-access street ends.

On a sunny summer weekend, is anyone on the sloping grass above Madison Park’s miniscule line of sand obeying the city’s no-booze park rules?

In season, the town offers a few quaint shops, an indoor pool, and wood-shingled rental cottages.

Strict adherence to a nineteenth-century treaty gave the tip of this Canadian peninsula to the U. (these five square miles are south of the 49th parallel), and its four beaches, mostly rocky, are less popular with visitors than the cheap gas and American mailing addresses.

The beach at Westhaven State Park, a crescent shape facing the entrance to Grays Harbor, attracts surfers and serves as a viewpoint to watch cargo ships inch their way into the state’s only port on the Pacific.

Snag a Makah recreation permit at the local museum or gas station; state park passes don’t work on this Indian reservation, and beachfront cabins at Hobuck Beach Resort beg a longer stay.

Search the long beach’s south end, far from the surfers, for a hidden trail that ducks over a headland to a smaller expanse of tide pools.

Rock columns just offshore form sea stacks, or tiny islands that hold little more than a few scraggly trees up top and basking sea lions at their base.

The beach is all about boats on Camano Island, where the parking lot to its most popular sound-front space is uphill and out of sight.

The Center for Wooden Boats and its classic craft are center stage by the water, surrounded by cedar cabins that resemble an upscale sleepaway camp.

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