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Scott left here today for Klamath Kails, Ore., to get Dr. Grant Lyman, who was re-ar- rested in Lahevlew after his sensational escape from an Oakland, Cal„ hospital. and current bills, totalling approximately J80O, practically wipe out the bal- ance, and in addition there is a bill from O'Shoa & Karris, re the man- damus suit, totalling 1262.98, which leaves the bank balance on the wrong side Two requisitions from the schools, one for l« and the other fop 525, cannot be goods required must outside aire city The board, after hearing the secre- tary, Dr. SUMMARY i— Resignations Tendered Today, ttslian and Personal. Offers of assistance from the Pennsyl- vania and the North western railroad, were said to have heen made to the Il- linois Central. Pratt of the southern division of the system said condltlon H wore satisfactory and that more men were working today than on any day since the strike was begun. Friday and Saturday are the concluding days of our Dissolution of Partnership Sale. He play- ed with Victoria some years back and has man}' friends here. New York won the toss and accord- ingly it was determined that the fta'st game should he played here. The following are specially requested to be present: E.

D,, Came to Brit- ish Columbia with the Royal Engineers in 1858 Surrounded by nearly all the members of his family. There was a severe fr«last night and it la fear- _,-, «^— , T . Tri- umphal proceesione were formed and the prl-oners were led through the town with bands of music, while the people oh the sidswalks cheered them luetuy. Cook, who- epeta 11*20*; former State Senator William HHatton. of the |107.7s8, as innde In the final report to the state. employees strike apparently settle-l ,l„*n to an endurance cutest today. who arrived here from Chicago today, declared the strike was called against the best Judgment Of the five international presidents, as they knew It meant disaster to union- Ism. Justice Clement u ,- on the habeas corpus proceedings in thi Oase of the child. Oliver W&O w ..,„ ust June the central figure In „f the most dramatic actions hei*fl W Vancouver. Our showrooms are now replete with the most up- to-date collection of Fall Suits, Coats, Gowns and Mil- linery, and we extend a cordial invitation to view the present season's fashion fancies, at prices much lower than could be asked in the ordinary way. C "HUr WMT A prominent member of Van- couver's lacrosse team. — The toss of a coin In the presence of the National Basehall commission today started the making of final arrangements for the I post series games of the world's cham- pionship between New York, winner of the National championship and Phila- delphia, present -wo Vld's champions and holder of the, American League Pen- nant. agement committee will bo hti Hd on Friday evening at the ifflcp of S. Okell & Co., corner of Douglas and Johnson streets.

*%* .'«frmi« Jf Wfc 'TYAsts V' I r V'«of Aer Formats Victoria and Vicinity: Winds moatly eag- erly and ■outhcrly, chlofly cloudy with rain tonight or Saturday., not much chance In temperature. Parliament is expected meet .early In November and finish business before Christmas.

.••• It ,8 s " It (Ki TA»UWKP IMP •m — - V i r VOL CHI., NO. C„ FRIDAY, OCTOBER 6, 191 1 TWENTY-FOUR PAGES Retiring Ministers Finish Busi- ness and are Ready to Make Way for New Men— Mr. The bye-elections will he held as Boon a.j possible. White, general manager of the National Trust of Toronto, will be finance minister, in the Borden cabinet, being taken into the Conservative «overnment as representa- tive of the dissatisfied liberals who vctcd against the reciprocity agreement.

As he has Interests in Win- nipeg and west he will take up his res- idence in Winnipeg and resume his con- nection with the sraln business.

5.— A severe northeast blizzard B\vept the coast yesterday* and snow afterwards fell to u depth of six inches. At the exits of the prison they vera met by leading townsmen. and which we can conscientiously reeommend- Two Kmp-s Avenue lot. In reply to his complaint Senator Stephenson was told that the three other reuphllcan candidates for the the primary nomination-former Con- gressman Samuel A. The charges also alleged that ap- proximately •2»».000 had been spent In the nomlnstlon of Mr. Kd- monds declsred that amount spent was not in eaces. Heyburn announced that where charges of unlawful use of money officially had been in connec- tion with campaign expenses of which no detailed account was rendered, the presumption was that the money was wrongfully used and the burden of proof was on the aceused. 5.— That as far as his Jurisdiction went lie WOUlf look uoon the marrla K e as valid and the child as legitimate, whs the pro- nouncement of Mr. The Opera Coats are in new Pastel colorings, cham- pagne, pink, blue, biscuit, and cream, all are hand silk embroidered, with wide lapels, forming a most hand- some garment. Water MADE FROM WATER FROM WHICH ALL GERMS HAVE BEEN REMOVED V L.

tut, it.— The Italian Hag Moats over the Sultana fort at Tripoli, which is occupied by landing parties. and the other warships lie a short distance from the dismantled fct. Here are a few selections, for which we have the exclu- sive 'ale. Prove this statement at any leading hotel, bar, club or restaurant, or at the Wholesale Agents, er & Leiser Mil. was part of the testimony tclven today before the United Btates Senate committee which Is Investigating charges that bribery contributed to Senator Stephenson's election. a ^Mtort U* Hepuhlican senatorial campaign lhat year or ll Kt. but denied the truth of the phrase 'used cor- ruptly and In violation of the law/' as included In each charge. The Velvet Coats are of a rich Lyons manufacture, beautifully hand embroidered in exquisite designs and colorings. He will be here for Monday's match against the Tecumsehs.

Ho had been sinking for some time past and his death had been momentarily ex- pected during the past few days. Richard was brought up wholesomely, and as a youth he enjoyed excellent health. The next moment his dog appeared car- rying a biack object in his motith which he laid carefully at his master's feet. That's what Kilmarnock Scotch does— retrieves its own tale. that the senator usually issued checks for more money when told of the activ- ities of his opponents. Oliver, CHOICE 0¥^ WINES aan rranciaoaao Decide to Olvs PTeat- de Bt Opportnnity to Compare Home an* Torsign Frodaots s»n rlt A^Cra CO, Oet. If we once establish the principle that Apolitical sympathy be- tween a provincial and a federal party is the chief test of any line of policy bearing upon the relations of the prov- ince, to the Dominion, we are on very dangerous ground, and before we know It we may find we have weakened til* whole fabric of the Confederation. It would be unjust to Sir Wilfrid Lawlar to say that ha would refuse fsvorable consideration to a reasonable case, and unfair to Mr. The exquisite simplicity of this ballet may possibly have made a stronger appeal to last night's audi- ence, than the purple splendours of Cleopatra, or that wild phantasmag- oria of murder and sudden death. aa the Arab lover, again de- mom trates that he is a dramatic actor as - the second and third ,tab- leuus. yet wltj W _Hf Wtldlpoterlor» U 5 FI NCH & FINCH, LADIES' OUTFITTERS _i 3 1 , — j . - A big shipment has just been opened out, contain- ing the loveliest creations in Ladies 9 Velvet and Velour Coats, also Opera Coats These goods, although perfectly new, will be sub- ject to the discounts which are obtaining throughout the store, in conjunction with our Dissolution of Partnership Sale, which closes on Saturday next. Dean has entered upon his duties a* Inspector of city schools. If this condition The Vancouver All-Stars and the Te- cumsehs are coming to Victoria.

The elder Wolfen- den was a farmer and descendant of sturdy stock. FIRST VIOLENCE ATJYEW ORLEANS (Continued from Page i.» lete stock of these goods at Campbell's Prescription Store _ .„ „ . ar- careful and our prices are rea-onabla We srs prompt, ws sre carer -., rort sad Douglas Street. The owner, however, was a remarkably bad shot, and one day, on firing both barrels hastily at a rabbit, he heard a mournful howl. On satisfactory assurances ot the fa- ther's moral charac- u- the boy will be given over to Mr. ' "•""";,'" the Home Industry ,, f a '»"»»" "" ,, t , « B . Per pair 85£ Men's Ties to match the socks— heavy, pure silk ties, the best and most stylish made, in red or blue, each .50 Similar to above, only of spun silk, in two-tone colors. .75^ Big Variety of Mercerized Silk Ties, in all the ap- proved new shades, at only, each ..50^ W. Wilson itai Perhaps retail* Wounded SAN FUANC1SCO, Oct. 1 am not an sure about this as some peo- ple here seem to he. Borden may be Inclined to consider favorably representations made to him from this province, it Is foolish to suppose that h» will assent to everything that is asked of him sim- ply because he Is a Conservative and the Conservative, are In power In Brit- ish Columbia. Mc Brlds pre- sents a case for the consideration of Mr. I say "sympathetic," not favor- able consideration. Lopoukow* through the mases of their doners like* some Greek god carrying a bit, of thistle- down. Miss Hclfman's Zohelde stands as a fl- nisi- id achievement, and Th'eodore Kosloi T. Denis, Anna Held, j v.** Harry Laudsr, ana .while they were cieverlittasflld Mss Jtoff- msn. •, ftsareey, a* £ ^ %mtltm% gtajg et mayoral ty Meev ^ *a^^*Bat*ess Sk ASsl s T ' "^ en *— aw « *• * •■•**" 1 ' *^"» •' ^ MSSk SBSSSBSBBfasa Bi SSI The City Inspector Mr. Dean, won the esteem of the teacher* •nd the love and gratitude of the •cholara. will doubtless perform hi* duties with th* same thoroughness and ability which mad* him a eucce*sful principal. Taxes this year in Garden City, $r on a quarter-acre. Phone 1888 618 Trounce Avenue Tecumsehs, Aspirants for Min- to Cup, and Vancouver, Holders of Championship, to Meet in Victoria ■As a matter of fact mwrt of the easterners who have taken part actively or passl vely In east or west clashes for the Mlnto oup declare that It la abso- lutely impossible to #et eatlafactlon with western officials.

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